This guide will provide you with some very basic ideas of designing your label for your product whether it is garment, caps, shoes or any other item.

If you already know what you want than you are great and can save yourself a lot of time.

Here is what a label manufacturer will need from you.


1.     Your artwork if you are designing your label or using a graphic designer.

2.     Size of the label

3.     Colors you want.

4.     Type of label you want. Refer to our article “UNDERSTANDING THE TYPE OF LABEL YOU NEED FOR YOUR PRODUCT”

5.     Quantity you need.

6.     Finish of the label such as heat cut, end fold, center fold or mitre fold.


Assuming that you have now designed your label this is what you have to do next. Printout the label artwork with a box around the artwork making sure it is the exact size you require. Now take a scissors and cut around the box. Once you have done this you will see exactly what your label will look like.

Take this and check it on your product to make certain this is the exact size you want. Also check to see if you allowed enough sewing space. Make any adjustments needed and check again. This will save a lot of frustration for you as now you will be 100% sure of your exact needs.

Once this is all done send this to us at for a quote and we will help you through the rest of the process.